How did I earn 11000 bitcoins in 55 days

  • Michaelinvaw

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    How did I earn 11000 bitcoins in 55 days: http://11000bitcoin.xyz/wppage/how-to-earn-11000-bitcoins-in-55-days/
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    This is a good post but a bad example, while I rate Darren R, he only has to say the sky is orange and everyone laps it up. he is a marketer first and a blogger second.
    I discussed it above, but it’s worth repeating, especially if you’re determined to make an impression before you leave! The bit about asking a question about the writer’s perspective (“why do you think that?” “what lead you to write this post?” etc) can be so easy and interesting! Because sometimes it really is difficult to put what you think into words, especially if you haven’t had time to think about it.
    I’m glad you found me here on Quips & Tips, Japinder, and look forward to connecting with you more!
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    It was great to stumble upon an article about Blog Commenting that puts this action into its proper perspective. I have read a few articles which place blog commenting in the Black Hat arena which is not correct at all. In fact, as this article states, not only is blog commenting a natural and acceptable practice it is one which has multiple benefits. Yes it can help to build links thus building power but it can also gain you industry credibility.
    Thank you for yet another interesting point of view. Ever since I started my WordPress site, I’m following your blog for the most helpful articles on SEO.
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    From my experience, Comments (for my Blog) are important Social Signals. Also the textual updates for the related pages gives some value. For my Recipe-pages, I’m using some additional Structured Data for “interactionStatistic”, setting the “userInteractionCount”. I cannont tell if this information really helping Google. Do you suggest this to do?
    I didn’t show Gravatar images from gravatar.com. Instead, images hosted on my own server are shown. This also reduces the load impact for my pages.
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    I’m using the WordPress Plugin “Discusz”, which is ok for my page load. Could be done better with optimized HTML, but no extra foreign Domains are requested for services. Everything is part of my own Database.
    Now that I’m using the Polylang plugin, which conflicts with Jetpack’s Related Posts, Disqus is the only method I have of keeping users on my site at the end of a post.

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